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Our store was built on a lifelong dream of co-owner Father Wilde of one day owning an occult shop, and our other owner, Miss Shannon’s dream of sharing her passion for art, high quality occult products, and for both living their faith from the time they wake up until they rest their heads at night. Father Wilde and Miss Shannon are originally from Canada who fell in love with New Orleans during a spur of the moment visit years ago. They committed to one day moving there with their teenage twins, French Bulldog Nola (who you can meet at the shop!) and starting a life for themselves there, and thus Sassy Magick was born. Knowing that New Orleans already has some amazing occult shops that are highly successful, they wanted to open one themselves, however, did not want to ride on anyone’s coattails. They decided to offer something a little different, yet keeping the products offered in line with genuine occult practices. Miss Shannon is someone who likes the finer things in life, but they also must include a little pink and sparkle. Father Wilde tends to lean towards the occult So, what a perfect combination! Dark, yet cute. Classy, yet sassy. Witchy, yet chic. How we describe our shop is, an occult store with a little more. And American Horror Story-Coven meets Hello Kitty.

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What would an occult shop be without Readings? Our readings are done inhouse by some of the most talented readers around! We also offer something incredibly special, we have the youngest Tarot Card Reader, Shiloh! Shiloh has been reading cards for a number years now, and having parents, Father Wilde, and Miss Shannon it comes as second nature to Shiloh! Did you know that we offer online and phone readings as well? We also do private parties! Email the shop or give as a call for more details. or 504-354-1165 If you would like to book in a reading with any of our readers, you can do that right from our website, or you can visit in store. Please note that readers will vary depending on who is in the shop any given day. Please check the schedule for availability. Also, something to keep in mind, all our different readers will have a little something different to offer. From card readings, to mediumship, to tealeaf readings and more. All Prices reflected on the booking page include the local sales taxes.


Father Wilde has been teaching occult and energy workshop classes for 20 years! Please check our schedule for a list of any upcoming classes.


Whether you’re new to magick, or you are looking for some guidance we would be very happy to help you dress your Sassy Magick candle inhouse with our selection of oils and herbs.


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that has been used for 2,500 years that is used to promote healing and stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "universal life force energy" is channeled by a practitioner to act as a vessel to guide the energy to the client. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So, Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." You can book a Reiki treatment with one of our Reiki practitioners.


Relics are objects that have a direct association with a saint or with Jesus and are categorized into three classes: First Class - These relics are the physical remains of a saint. These can include pieces of bone or hair. Second Class - These relics are items touched by a saint, also known as “contact relics.” Examples of second-class relics can include clothing or a rosary the saint used for prayer. Third Class - These relics refer to articles that have come into contact with a first- or second-class relic. An example of a third-class relic would be a cloth that touched the tomb of a saint. If you have an item that is special or near and dear to your heart that you would like created into a relic, you can book an appointment online or contact the shop for more information.


Traditional sin-eating can be traced back with certainty to the early 17th century, although it is suspected to be much older, and likely a remnant of a mystery tradition from Egypt. Sin-eating at its core is the preparation of the dead for the afterlife. Although often associated with Christianity, it knows no religion and applies to anyone interested in both being trained in it, and providing sin-eating services. The physical part of the ritual of sin-eating is a relatively simple one. It requires food, drink, salt, a wooden bowl, and a wooden plate. Charms would be said over the body of the deceased, or sometimes, over someone in the process of dying. The drink, usually ale, but sometimes milk or wine, would be drunk and the food, typically bread would be eaten after dipping it in the salt. The process of the physical consumption is both an extraction magic and a sympathetic magic employed by the sin-eater to consume the sins of the person. Book an appointment today with Father Wilde or call the shop for more information.


Therapeutic Touch is a non-intrusive therapy that may be used to compliment traditional medicine. It has been a successful part of patient care in many settings such as hospitals, rehab centres, hospices, palliative care, nursing, and retirement homes for many years. Therapeutic Touch is used by health care professionals of many different disciplines such as registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, and counsellors. It is also used by chaplains and massage therapists. Therapeutic Touch is an energy-based therapy in which the practitioner uses their hands as a focus to detect blockages in the flow of energy and helps the body to re-pattern its energy field toward wholeness. However, TT is also used outside of medial settings and can be a very effective healing modality that is available to everyone. You can book a Reiki treatment with one of our TT practitioners.

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Delivery : All shipments are shipped directly from our shop in New Orleans. We do not use a third-party warehouse for products. We usually fill orders within 2-4 days. Shipping times will vary depending on where you live. **CURRENTLY ONLY SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES** From the United States Postal Services: Within the US: 3-4 days If requested you will be provided with a tracking number. Please remember that packages are coming via the postal services and not a 3rd party company and such we are at the mercy of their shipping times. Sassy Magick will not be held responsible for any lost packages or delay in delivery. Once the package is shipped, the customer will be responsible for filing with the shipping service (such as the United Postal Service) if such an issue should arise. All packages will be shipped with the standard insurance. If you require extra insurance please make that known ahead of time. If you require a package to be shipped more quickly, please contact our shop directly to make those arrangements. Returns: No returns or exchanges are offered on shipped items.


Sassy Magick does not offer returns. We will gladly exchange an unopened/unused product within 10 days with the original receipt. NO refunds/exchanges will be given for any service which includes but is not limited to: readings, healings, or classes.

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